corruption and conditional clause 2

Corruption and Conditinal clause….contd.
Possible solutions.
1. As the root-cause of corruption is the number of conditional clauses in any rule in governance, reduce the number of these clauses to utmost 3 per rule. Most of them should have only one or two and a few may have 3. If you have more than 3, pick the most critical 3 conditions which will make or mar the objective behind the rule in question.
2. As even the conditional clause can be applied orally and/or wrongly only when the citizen meets the authority, make most of the interactions digital on line and not person to person: In the example above, only testing the driver should be person to person and not anything else. So the ‘fee’ for the services rendered can be stipulated only digitally and this will create a big enough block and a powerful brake on people who make money through corruption.
3. When even the few personal meetings are unavoidable, put a time limit on the authority within which he has to complete his role on the job that the citizen wants done. As the deadline approaches, the citizen gets an upper hand as he knows the authority cannot squeeze any money out of him -indefinitely until the authority decides to complete the job unilaterally and takes his own sweet time, until of course he gets his commission.
4. If none of the above is possible in a person to person contact job to be done, at least make public the commission for only such jobs. For example, the driving test can carry a fixed fee based on the class of city, the price of vehicle etc. like DA is based on factors, so that no one feels bad. You can keep this fees optional, as it is not the Govt. revenue that is lost but only a citizen’s money who is already prepared mentally, as he knows this is the published ‘fee’ and takes it as part of the cost of getting a driving license. Moreover the person with whom the power resides to give the service or not is psychologically more healthy as he feels less guilty, now that there is a sanction as per the notice board carrying service vs. corruption amount.
I remember one German friend of mine exclaimed after staying in India for more than two and a half years: He said even in Germany (with no corruption) things move slower than In India with corruption!
5. If the Govt. employee fails to act finitely in the case or the file within the stipulated days, he will lose pay equal to 10 times the number of days delayed by him ( base + DA). Yes, it is 10 times the number of days because we are talking of cases where the going rate for corruption is high. Plus as the foundation in which he is sitting to demand the corruption money is his job, he should be sacked from his job if he does take more than the allotted time in more than 4 cases a year. A thing like corruption can be reduced only with severe penalties/deterrants for non-performance by the Govt. employee.

6. Take all areas in which the Govt. is giving service to citizens. Arrange these verticals in descending order of currently prevailing corruption. This is no big deal and needs no big research. Take the vertical that is at the top of this list first, second from the top of this list next and so on, one at a time one after the other. Apply 80: 20 rule on all the rules related to one vertical at a time. Get hold of the 20% of rules which have scope for 80% of corruption within that vertical. Apply steps 1 to 5 above to only these 20% of chosen verticals and that too one at a time one after the other in descending order. This will enormously reduce the resources and time required for steps 1 to 5 and at the same time attack effectively 80% of corruption in each of the vertical that gives maximum headache to citizens today. So we will have a noticeable improvement in corruption levels as perceived by people in their day to day interactions with Govt.

When I say Govt. in this write-up, I mean all public sector undertakings too.
We as management consultants are prepared to participate in this noble task of reduction of corruption that is affecting the good common citizens of this country, quietly by simply questioning every conditional clause in every rule and selecting only the vital few conditional clauses that are absolutely essential for the objective meant to be achieved by that rule and retaining these vital few conditional clauses only and dropping all the rest. more  

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Root cause of corruption is our intent on getting our privileges even at the cost of others convenience. Hence whenever a rule is formed, we find ways to subvert it. To plug the loophole, a sub clause is written and we find a way around it and so on, the rule book becomes too much for us to deal with. And then we resort to paying bribes to just help us "ease" through the process. Corruption is not just about money. Money is one of the ways it manifests. Corruption stems from my belief of "entitlement", at any cost. This is in the thought process and happens in our daily lives. Just check for yourself how many times you think "I was stopped /prevented from doing so so and so, even if unreasonable. We just justify to ourselves that we are not corrupt, but everyone else. more  
Nothing can change unless we compel the political leaders to follow the life style of common citizens. more  
Unless there are some good administrators in the government, the corruption will not be eradicated. more  
There is no reduction a corruption especially in departments under the State Governments. Even a police Head Constable who gets around Rs.50,000/- p.m. is deeply involved in corrupt practices. In all Public dealing departs, there is fixed rate of corruption. In special cases, the amount of bribe ranges in lacs and crores. No political party wants to enact harsh anti corruption laws as it will affect badly the Neta/babu/bania. Even there is corruption in appointments/transfers/promotions in many departments due to lack of transparency and policy. Due to corruption in judiciary, the corrupt people manipulate the things through touts and ultimately get favourable judgements with back wages & promotion. There is need to overhaul the whole system of governance by making each official accountable by any lapse/negligence/delay/ under performance and easy removal of corrupt and non performers. more  
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