Dry ice kept with Natural ice cream can be Fatal..

Dry ice kept with Natural ice cream can be Fatal...
Please do read it, won't take much of a time but can help saving your loved and dear ones.
I Nidhi Singal Gupta on 5th August evening around 4 pm went to Naturals ice cream parlour in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, thinking will be sending each carton to my brother as a Raksha Bandhan gift. So got 11 cartons packed of Naturals ice cream. They packed Naturals ice cream with Dry Ice so it doesn't melt before 18hrs with no further warning. They kept the 11 cartons in my car boot.
Around 5 pm I started from there and within 10 min of duration...I started losing my breath as I was on self-drive and could not move further so parked my car on the side and called my husband Vishal immediately.
I was so breathless n semi conscious that could not explain him where I was...I could only hear the sounds but my body was still and was not moving. The only act which saved my life was that I send my Location from Whatsapp to my husband..he further sends it to all his friends. I was rescued in a semi conscious state after few minutes by one of his friend Naynesh who was near my location and got me admitted in Moolchand hospital Emergency.
The Dry ice which was kept with ice cream creates Carbon dioxide as there was no such warning from Naturals that the cartons has to be properly ventilated.
My car windows were closed and Air conditioner was on due to which carbon dioxide kept on rotating in my car and I got breathless. Few seconds could have cost my life.
It's a request to the Owner of Naturals ice cream before selling your packed ice cream there should be a sticker or proper warning given by your employees so that what has happened to me doesn't happen to anybody else. I got medical help immediately but maybe other people could not.
Please share it with your friends and family. more  

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There was a case of murder very cleverly executed using dry ICE. A box of dry ice was left in the car in summer and the owner while on drive to his office in an ac car died on the way. This happened In USA. more  
Strangely, this post has been circulating in WhatsApp and on Facebook since quite some time now. I've done a bit of recce and would like to share the following with you. Producers of Natural Ice Creams openly declare (Wikipedia) that their products contain only natural ingredients such as milk, cream, vanilla, cane sugar etc. eliminating all artificial polysyllabic ingredients (in other words no chemical fruit extracts are used). Now, the natural ice cream is packed in sealed containers. Water ice cubes, do not come in physical contact with the ice cream. And water ice is made of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. So, what kind of a chemical reaction could take place there to produce carbon dioxide, and that too in such huge quantities as to strike people into unconsciousness? Also, it is carbon monoxide which is generally known to cause fainting. Maybe we need to do some thinking about it...... more  
Dry ice in which all ice creams are packed, is solid carbon di oxide only and releases CO2 in atomosphere more  
That was helpful. We must inform Natural Ice Crème team to avoid any such situation. One mistake from some staff can lead to a loss of life . Your presence of mind saved you, however this can make things even worse. more  
Wow!! This lady has 11 brothers. She has not clarified what type of car she was driving - saloon or hatch back. In saloon car, the storage area is isolated. In any case, dictum is "Let buyer beware". more  
Thanks for sharing very useful information. Our Government Authorities should check the products and warnings on it before giving the permission to sell. Thanks again for sharing it. more  
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