Mosquitoes are a palpable problem in many of the cities. Mosquitoes cause tremendous problems to the general well-being, but is hardly noticed by Corporation or Government. The following are some of the problems caused by mosquitoes:
- Mosquitoes do not let people have a sound sleep. Sound sleep, as everyone knows, is pre-requisite for everybody to have a lot of things such as immunity, well-rested organs and mind thereby keeping them fresh all through the day, less stress and general good health. Indirectly productivity at the workplace also can be related to having a good night sleep.
- Children are not able to sleep or study with concentration thereby affecting their studies.
- Mosquito repellants, though a huge market for manufacturers, are mostly ineffective. Coils are harmful for inhalation.
- Home remedies are also mostly ineffective or not practically workable.
- Mosquito nets, at many places, have problems to fix.
- Corporations spray mosquito killing chemicals once in a while but they are of effective only for a short time.
- Water stagnation is not checked in many places, sewage water stagnation more common thereby becoming happy breeding ground for mosquitoes. The awareness of public is minimum in this respect. They just ' Live with it'.

Finding methods to eradicating mosquitoes could be a rewarding commercial proposition for Government research Laboratories or those in the private sector. more  

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We still need to concentrate on Cleaning aspect. Local bodies and Citizens both have to work in their respective areas to keep that clean and get rid of Mosquitoes. more  
Time and again we Bhartiye come out boasting about our past achievements of scientific discoveries and cure for such pandemic diseases as given in our shastras. Can any one one now tell us of getting over this vector menace by Ayurvedic or any other ancient vedic ways successfully? more  
No doubt, Mosquito is a big Menace for general public, but for Governments every mosquito is a Money. Survival and growth of Mosquito repellent manufacturers (multi crore industry) is dependent upon mosquito breeding centers (which are under the control of Corporations). For these breeding centers to exist, the manufacturers may have to bribe the officials? It’s a continuous income and can’t be ignored just like that. Our public servants are masters of looting the country. They will never find a permanent solution to a problem. Its still a surprise that Mosquito is not considered as a ‘National Insect’ along with Butterfly…….. Unplanned urbanisation coupled with miserable civic sense across the Nation might be a chief cause for proliferation of these pesky insects. We need to look at natural remedies like Nochi plant, an excellent insect repellent, Lemon Grass, etc. more  
The local body authorities should take sufficient preventive steps to protect the public from Mosquito menance. more  
Concerned Govt. bodies must look into this menace and eradicate mosquitoes more  
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